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Nantyr’s very own French Immersion program!

See what Nantyr’s French Immersion program has to offer for students.


This school year, Nantyr Shores Secondary School offered a Grade 9 French Immersion program. This program is replacing the Extended French Program that Nantyr has offered in the past. 


Students who are part of the French Immersion program started the program in Grade 1 at W.H. Day E.S. in Bradford or Goodfellow P.S. in Innisfil. The French Immersion program consists of a variety of classes that keeps up the same level and expectations as the French Immersion elementary program.


In grade 9, French Immersion students take Grade 9 French, Geography, Phys. Ed., and Visual Arts, completely in French. In grade 10, students will continue taking courses delivered completely in French, including Grade 10 French, History and Careers and Civics.


We have gathered 5 students from this semester's grade nine French Immersion  course, and asked them if this course is any different than their elementary school classes.


One student, Barimah Yeboah, commented how he likes the idea of more teachers because it feels less repetitive and more of a learning experience. He told us about how he found that there were “More teachers, better variety. I do like the high school program more than elementary school,” Barimah Yeboah. 


Trinity Timm, another grade 9 French Immersion student, told us how she enjoys French Immersion; “I like having a variety of different teachers, I like high school courses more when we have specific teachers for different French subjects,” Trinity Timm.


The French Immersion program is an opportunity to grow your skills and experience everyday learning in French. You will be able to learn French and Canadian History, more verbs and different types of grammar, as well as communication skills.


If you are looking for a challenge, want to learn a new language, or enjoy the fascinating history of French communication, then you should keep your eye on Extended French!

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