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Grade 8s Come to Nantyr

High school. Everyone tells us to enjoy our time and make the most out of those four years with our newfound freedom! The Grade 8s are coming to visit Nantyr on May 25th-26th and we want to make their transition as easy as possible, so they can make the most of the next four years of their education. They will get to experience what goes on here at Nantyr Shores and that is what the grade 8 orientation is all about!

Coming to see your future high school allows students to see what it’s like being a highschool student. Students will see their classes, meet their teachers and learn how to navigate the school.

The grade 8s will most likely find the transition to high school pretty nerve racking. Luckily they will be accompanied by the leadership class as well as link crew and our very bright and inspiring valedictorian.

During their visit, the grade 8s will be given a tour of the school. They will see all the different departments and the link crew will be discussing all of the cool classes that they have taken. This will allow the grade 8s a chance to further explore and learn about the possible opportunities for their future highschool career.

The tour is just a small part of their day here at Nantyr. The leadership class will be holding activities and games in order to let the grade 8s have some fun and also build some leadership skills.

Another part of their day would be a little piece of knowledge and inspiration. The class of 2022 valedictorian will be addressing the groups of grade 8s and telling them about life in high school and for all the things they can look forward to.

High school is an important time in everyone's life and it can be scary.

The days that the grade 8s come to Nantyr will be a quick glimpse of their next 4 years and how this school can be a lot of fun. The students here at Nantyr should try and make the grade 8s feel welcome and give any advice they can while they are here.

4 years in highschool is a long time but with the help from some of the wise and experienced grade 11s and 12s of the leadership class and link crew, the grade 8s will come back to Nantyr in September feeling comfortable and ready for the next chapter in their lives.

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