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Nantyr Students Share Experiences of the Multi - Lingual Learners' Program

A Day In The Lives of Nantyr’s M.L.L. Students

March 28, 2022

Chloe Choachuy

Nantyr Shores Secondary School

Exchange student looking to come to Nantyr Shores Secondary School? Listen to the experiences of some of our current exchange students!

Mr. Ecker’s Multi-Lingual Learners (M.L.L.) program teaches our exchange students about the culture here in Canada as well as allowing them to share with each other things about their cultures and traditions. His current class right now consists of two Japanese students, one French student, and a student from Turkey too.

Two of his students were kind enough to take the time and share some of their favourite things about Canada, the places they’ve visited while here, and what they found different compared to their school in their home country.

They both agree that they are liking Canada so far and that they find the people they meet and interact with here at the school are very open to showing them around, helping them where needed, and just being very welcoming towards them.

While one finds the city more interesting than the other, they both agree that depending on what they are doing and who they are going with, greatly affects their view on whether they prefer Innisfil, Ontario or Downtown Toronto instead.

Some of their favourite things to do in their pastimes include relaxing with their host families, going out with friends, and just enjoying time to themselves.

They find school here in Canada interesting as there is a wide variety of classes to pick from which allows them to learn about things they may not have the chance to in their home countries. Two of their favourite classes include Cosmetology and a class in which they said they are learning to play the guitar.

One of the Japanese exchange students said that school here was quite different from her school in Japan in the sense that there are no uniforms, lunch time is different from what she is used to, there’s more ‘listening time’ in which she gets to take her time to do her work. The only problem she runs into is the language barrier and she sometimes finds it a bit hard to understand and communicate properly.

Our French exchange student finds that the people he has met here at Nantyr are really nice and some even nicer than the people from his school in France, showing how the enthusiasm and support in making our exchange students feel at home.

The M.L.L. program at Nantyr Shores provides students with an opportunity to connect with other M.L. learners, and with the Nantyr Shores community as a whole.

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