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Public Speaking at Nantyr Shores

Date : May 9th, 2022 Innisfil, ON By : Anjeli Fung

What is it?

The Nantyr Shores Public Speaking Competition allows students to use their voice either for themselves or to work together as a team.

In this club, you learn how to express yourself, construct well-prepared arguments/speeches, and have your opinion spread through a variety of different controversial and game-changing arguments.

Nantyr Shores Secondary School holds a public speaking competition every school year during the second semester.

If you are interested in getting involved and or having your voice heard, please see Dr McGrath in room 304. We can’t wait to see many new faces each year!

Dr McGrath

Prior to this year’s Competition, I spoke with Dr McGrath about the competition and she had nothing but amazing ideas, thoughts and skills to share for the students competing this year as well as future participants.

Dr McGrath further says that joining such an educational and confidence boosting competition can better certain life skills. It can show you how to use your voice to not only express yourself but to also build confidence within yourself and around others, as well as encourage open mindfulness.

She mentioned that, every year, there is a great abundance of all kinds of unique students who surprise her in a great manner when it comes to participating in such a fantastic event.

The process of coaching and being able to work with them whether it is editing, revising, or just helping them succeed to the best of their ability (The sky is not the limit, reach for the stars).

It is always a pleasure to enjoy this special opportunity given at Nantyr and hopefully in the future our school will be able to compete with others.

Yearly Competitions

This school year (2021-22), the competition was held on the 5th of May in the Cafeteria at the start of period 4. MC d by: Dailin Spence and Judged by : Mr. Oxley, Mrs. Scott and Ms. Whittingham.

This is where a variety of students came together to compete head to head in a fun but serious competition of all kinds of topics, the winners topics were, “Racial stereotypes” as well as “Gender.. And double standards”.

We had a set of 3 junior students competing and 4 senior participants. Your walk-ins to support your peers/friends as a class were happily encouraged but absolutely not required! Thanks to everyone who came to watch.

A big congratulations to Samantha Brine, our junior winner, and Deborah Olowe, our senior winner! It was yet again another amazing experience, every single speech was outstanding.

Thank you for all of your participation!

There are many benefits to gain from participating in this experience!

Finding your voice, the process of writing to an audience, a competition serious enough to not include any gimmicks or costumes (express yourself with your voice/words), and the helpful skill of growing your confidence.

Videocast of Event is now on

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