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Shiriya Firth

The goal of this artwork was to create an image that would represent my past, present and future. I found all my inspiration from within myself, picking myself apart to create all the necessary components of this piece. I challenged myself during this process to create an image that represented me. This led me to include symbols from my life, the most noticeable would be the roses which have always been present in my life, next to the feathers which are related to my Native American culture. I was in a bit of a tough place in my past, drowning in my anxiety and depression, I was hurting which is why this piece has a darker appearance. I have grown since and have bloomed into a new person just like those roses. My future is still uncertain and yet I’m still reaching for it with an out-stretched hand. This piece shows the pieces of my life and connects the puzzle pieces of my mind in a visually appealing way.

Showcasing March 2022 artist of the month

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