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Writer’s Craft course at Nantyr

Professional student writers at work!

May 13, 2022

Innisfil, Ontario

By: Atakan Elalmis

Writer’s Craft, a new course taught by Ms. Briggs, lets people that have a passion and love writing, or have never written before, express their creativity with text. Do you like fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, or short picture stories? You will find a wide variety of creative minds here at Writer’s Craft.

What do Writer’s Craft students plan to pursue in the future ?

Writer’s craft is a unique course at Nantyr Shores. The course provides much time to write , to talk about the story you may write, based on a picture or style or idea you might have. The course will never restrict writers on what genre or type of story they want to tell, for example if you like Sci-fi, you can write Sci-fi.

Grade 12 students are the only people you will find within Writer’s Craft. The course is a Grade 12 University course with the only prerequisite being a Grade 11 University English.

Students that take this course may have other means of using writing as a skill. Business and entrepreneurship rely heavily on describing what an individual or product “brings to the table.” Christian Ferguson, a student within Writer’s craft, started a business called Archive Threads. The business focuses on selling designer clothes from brands such as Saint Laurant, Dior, Raf Simons and more. Christian takes the course to create diverse In depth analysis of past runway collections to give his customers more insight into what they are buying.

Throughout Writer’s craft there is a sense of collaboration and teamwork even within a solo workspace. Students support one another by giving ideas and peer edits before students add them to their personal daily notes. Daily notes are this class's way of keeping track of work done and written. Most of the work is not done in assignments, but is done on a single great length doc.

We have asked other students why they are taking writer’s craft.

Zoe Tartsinato is planning to attend Toronto Metropolitan University and wants to pursue Fashion to obtain a diploma for bachelor of design. Fashion has been a passion for Zoe and she sees herself “doing fashion journalism, and reporting on designs at fashion shows within the near future.” She feels this course is the starting of what would be a skill she will use in her career throughout the fashion industry.

Jana is the final student asked and interviewed about taking Writer's Craft. Jana is one of the few grade 11 students enrolled into the course; she wants to become an author in the near future, later publishing a book.

Writer’s Craft is the place for any creative mind to be. With great work, other inspiring students and more, Writer’s Craft is a fun and intriguing course that allows the skill of writing to flourish.

Logan, a student in the class says “Writer’s craft is good because it provides all the knowledge people need to become real writers; the course itself is a sort of tutorial that sets a foundation when writing in the near future. I took writer’s craft because I wanted to have a good source of practice to exercise my skills for attending film school after graduation”.

Dylan, another current student, says that “It is a really good way for students to express their writing skills and write whatever they please. It is really good to develop a personal style and the course helps to build that. Writer’s craft was a course I have heard about since I first entered Nantyr Shores, and was interested in since I have been writing for a long time. As a student who is keen on entering an English major, it is really helpful to see different styles of writing.”

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